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The SHWoodwind F.O. Guide To Octave Key Problems - Version History


As mentioned at the start of the octave mech article, I intend to add to it and update it as and when time permits.
If you've used the article previously and haven't found the information you need, it may well have been added since you last looked - and to save you the trouble of going through the entire article I will post updates and additions here. Version numbers will change only when new text is added or significant edits made.


Version 1.00 - Published 18/11/2018

05/12/2018 - Added image (Insulating tape as a buffer) to Regulation buffer/tube missing

Version 1.01 - Published 21/12/2018

Added sections:

G key spring too weak

Springing and friction problems - vintage/active/bari mechs


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