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Haynes woodwind maintenance manuals
The Haynes Saxophone Manual - the step-by-step guide to care & maintenance
Haynes woodwind maintenance manuals

Errors & omissions

As every reader knows, all books contain errors of one kind or another - be they grammatical errors, spelling mistakes or misprints. In most cases these errors are insignificant or even amusing, and some have even made it into realms of folklore. Who can forget the immortal "Franky my dear, I don't gibber. Dang!", the surreal "Come up and sell me some lime" and the bizarre "Budgies? Budgies? We don' need no steenkin' budgies!".

The current issue is the 2015 reprint edition. Despite the grand name, it's exactly the same as the previous 5th printing of the first edition. All of the typos/misprints from the previous editions have been corrected.

If you find any typos that aren't already documented here, please feel free to drop me a line with the details.


First Edition, Fourth Printing/Fifth Printing/2015 reprint (current issue)

No known errors


First Edition, Second Printing (out of print)

Page 7 - Right column, end of 1st paragraph, should read "...and that's what every saxophone player wants."

Page 39 - GLUE SECTION, 1st paragraph, should read "A suitable glue is required for cork and felt work..."


First Edition, First Printing (out of print)

Page 9 - Photo caption should read Bauhaus M2 alto

Page 12 - Photo caption should read Selmer MK VI

Page 16 - Photo caption (right hand) should read Bauhaus-Walstein M2

Page 21 - Photo caption should read Bauhaus-Walstein M2 tenor

Page 25 Exploded photo: Caption for Top E (mid right of photo) should read Top Eb

Page 28 - Paragraph "Arm" - final sentence has slipped onto the top of page 29 - should read: Arm - an extension off the barrel. Arms are named according to what's on the end of them, so an arm with a cup at the end of it becomes a cup arm and one with a touchpiece is a touchpiece arm. Arms that have nothing on them but connect with other keys are called link arms.

Page 30 KEY GROUPS section, final paragraph, should read "The term 'side trills' refers to the Bb, C and E keys as operated by your right-hand forefinger knuckle."

Page 32 - Final paragraph "Note how the rear of the tone hole lines up with the straight green line..." refers to the first photo on page 33

Page 108 Final paragraph, third sentence, should read "I've set it slightly high because hand position is very important over the palm keys, and in this case having the D set slightly high makes it easier for me to roll on to the top Eb and F keys."

Page 115 Photo bottom right should accompany first paragraph text on page 116.

Page 117 - Final paragraph "affect a temporary repair" should be "effect a temporary repair"

Page 162 PALM KEYS, should read "keys operated by the player's left-hand palm and knuckles (top D, Eb and F)."

Page 162 SIDE TRILLS, should read "the Bb, C and E keys operated by the player's right-hand forefinger knuckle."


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